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Your One-Stop Shop for Inspections

Get the Facts About Your Home Before You Buy or Sell

HomeGauge Home Inspections is a full-service home inspection company that inspects all the major components of residential and commercial buildings.

In addition to standard inspections, we offer radon testing, mold testing, wood-destroying insect inspections, and drone roof inspections. With over 20 years of experience, we’re dedicated to providing thorough, accurate inspections that give peace of mind to buyers and sellers.

Your One-Stop Shop for Inspections

HomeGauge Home Inspections offers all of the services you will need for your real estate transaction. This makes it a one-stop shop for your inspection needs.

We have full-time staff to take care of all the details for our clients. This means that we are available to coordinate with the real estate professionals and answer any questions you may have after the inspection.

You can call us one day or three years after the inspection, and it will be no bother to us. We value our relationships with our clients and want to make sure they are satisfied with their experience with us.

Thorough, Easy-to-Read Inspection Reports

HomeGauge Home Inspections guarantees that you will receive your inspection report within 24 hours of the completed inspection. The report will be thorough and include pictures of any areas of concern. You will be able to easily understand the findings and what steps to take next. With the report, you’ll gain access to the helpful Create Request List™ (CRL)™ feature.

The Create Request List™ (CRL)™

The Create Request List is a convenient way to keep track of your inspection report as you review it.

Add components that are listed as defective to the list, and then choose whether you would like them repaired, replaced, or reimbursed.

The list can be accessed on your mobile phone, tablet, or personal computer, so you can work on it wherever you may be.

Proudly Serving Western North Carolina

HomeGauge Home Inspections serves all of WNC within 100 miles of Asheville.